My Scottish Terrier Is Loosing His Hair Around His Neck And He Itches Really Bad. Do You Have Any Advice On What I Should Do?


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I have a scottie, shes only 1 1/2 years...and is itching so much she is losing hair on her back legs.  I changed her food, and bath her weekly, and put fish oil in mix of her food and watch her in the back yard (as she enjoys running in the bushes)...this has seemed to help.  My previous Scotties have had many allergies as well.  Good Luck.
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Do you have a collar on him? Take it off. It's a unusual place for the hair to be coming out. Scotties are bad about having many allergies, though. What kind of medicine did your Vet put him on? Steroids? Anti-Biotic? You need to tell your vet about the situation and ask him what else he can do. You might want to invest in some Vet anti-itch shampoo and possibly switch his food. Not just the brand. You need to start feeding him something like Eukanuba VP (Veil and Potatoes). You would need to give it a month or so on that food to see if there is any changes. Could be a food allergy.
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There is a speciality shampoo for dogs/cats called Etiderm. I work in a vet. Hospital and we have quite a few dogs every day that are in need of it for extra dry skin/itching. It is medicated, so make sure that you read the label before you purchase, just to double check for any allergies YOU may have. If this shampoo helps, you may talk to your vet about possible allergies your DOG may have. The most common reason for itching (after fleas/ticks, of course) is just plain old allergies. A lot of medium-long haired dogs are more prone to allergies because of the hair. It may also help just to have him groomed more regularly, especially in cooler weather months.
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If there is a rash and smell, it could be mange.
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I went to the vet today and he said change the dog food...and said almost all scotties have a skin irritation :s

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