Should My Dachsunds Have A Curved/arched Back? He Kind Of Does, But It's Not The Regular Back That I'd See On A Dachshund. Is This Something That Should Get Checked Out By A Vet?


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I would, just because they are prone to so many back problems. For now, it may just be a sunken or roach back, I'm not sure if that would be even more likely to lead to problems with them than the normal straighter back. Here are some links for you to check out. Hope it's nothing and your baby is okay.
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Like "myopinions" in the previous answer, I hope your baby is okay.  The back which arches up is called a "roach back," and it can lead to problems in some breeds.  Dachsies are, unfortunately, notorious for back and hip problems.

So at her or his next checkup, ask the vet about this, and ask if you should start giving your dachs glucosamine chondroitin to prevent and ease bone and joint pain.  This is an inexpensive OTC supplement (over-the-counter) you can get practically anywhere, but you need the vet to tell you how much is appropriate for a dog the weight of your dachshund.

Hope this works out --


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