What Is The Difference Between A Pitbull And A Boxer Puppy?


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These are two different breeds of dogs. Boxers are taller and more slender most of the time. The head is also slightly different through the jaw line. Pitbull dogs are massive usually in muscle and slightly shorter and more stocky in build than a Boxer. Boxer dogs generally have good dispositions and distinct markings of white on the underside of the body, and streaks of white down the facial area. Pitbull dogs can also have white markings but generally are of one color. A Boxer can make a good family pet. Pitbull dogs also make good pets but there is always that concern that their genetic makeup might produce an animal that is more aggressive and thus more dangerous. I personally believe that many pitbull dogs get bad reputations unfairly. I've owned several and they aren't aggressive or belligerent in the least. Check into a website that shows show quality Boxers and Pitbulls. The difference will be immediately clear.

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