My dog has started vomiting, she wont eat, and has a little bit of blood in her diarhrea?


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This is very scary! Take her to the vet...look around the house for things that she may have chewed up or eaten that she wasn't supposed to. This will give the vet a better idea of how to treat whatever is wrong with her. While waiting for the vet, encourage her to drink as much water as possible, or feed her ice if she won't drink.
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That can mean a lot of things, the only thing for sure until she sees a vet is that she has symptoms that mean she needs to. Could be something like a bacterial or viral infection like parvo, parasites, poisoning, blockage or many other things.
Your vet will have a better idea of what the problem may be once they are able to examine her and speak to you about everything. Hope your baby is feeling better soon.
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My vet told me to give my 3 month old pitbull penicillin for babies that pink thing... My dog got parvo 6 days ago same thing as yours he would eat or drink anything he dided really vomit but a lot of diarhea. To day his eating his still skinny but his eating a lot then you cook her chicken with rise with a little bit of salt...when you see her better... Make sure she drinks lots of water....  It works good luck :)
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Take her to a vet immediately! She might have picked up Parvo. I hope it's nothing major. Good luck!

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