My Dog Accidentally Ate An Ambien Pill What Do I Do?


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You need to contact a vet as soon as possible because Ambien can be very harmful to your dog's health if it is ingested as well as alter your dog's behavior which could prove dangerous.

  • If you ever encounter this problem again, you should be aware of the symptoms which tend to include hyperactivity and sometimes aggression. However, in some cases dogs have reacted in the complete opposite way and become very sedated and depressed. You should also keep an eye out for vomiting, fast paced panting, trembling and loud constant whining.
  • If your dog becomes overly hyper then it may also turn to aggression without being aware of it. If a dog in this state is frightened or anxious then there is a chance that they may lash out at you or another individual or animal. However, if your dog is acting lethargic and drowsy then don't assume that it is not suffering any affects for Ambien.
What Should You Do?
  • Like I mentioned earlier, you should contact a vet as soon as possible, try not to panic because in most cases dogs do survive from ingesting Ambien. If your dog has become uncontrollable then you should try to calm them down as much as possible. However you must ensure that you do this carefully so you don't provoke them into attacking.
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It's just 1 ambien. It sure as hell won't kill him. Maybe if hes extremely small. But even then I'd doubt it. He's either going to walk around confused. (This could be dangerous if you have children wandering about.) Or he'll fall asleep for a few hours.

Imo nothing too serious. If he finds & eats a whole box that's a different story ofcourse.
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I accidentally dropped half of a 10 mg Ambien.  My 12 pound, 6 month old chihuahua mix ate it faster than I could stop him.  For one straight hour he ran around very hyperactive and literally "bouncing off the walls".  I tried to hold him to comfort and calm him.  After a very tense hour, he went to sleep as normal and woke up as normal.  Bad accident on my part, but puppy is fine in the end. See your vet if you can - or at least call for advice when in doubt.  But hope this helps someone!

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