My Dog Has A Boil Or Pimple Like Bump On Her Leg Right Above Her Foot, Should I Pop It?


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If your animal has any form of medical issue that you are unsure about, it is highly recommended to seek professional advice before acting on it or attempting to solve the issue via your own methods. A veterinarian has the skills needed in order to correctly identify the issue and take accurate action in order to solve it rather than allowing the possibility of the medical issue becoming worse.

If the growth on the leg has been accurately identified as a pimple or boil, then the issue would resolve itself in time. Popping it may cause the issue to get worse and the area could get infected. Also, if the growth is inaccurately identified, popping it may cause some severe medical issues for the animal. It would be advisable to keep the area clean if veterinarian advice is unavailable.

There is an extensive list of possible causes for lumps and growths on animals. These are commonly referred to as tumors (used to define an abnormal growth on tissue), however, does not necessarily mean that lump is cancerous. Smaller tumors are referred to as papules and larger ones nodules. Due to the extensiveness of different causes for such issues on animals, it is very difficult to make a quick diagnosis of the issue. It is more effective to run tests etc in order to correctly define the problem, which would allow for an accurate procedure to be taken in order to resolve it. A veterinarian would be the best choice for accurately diagnosing the problem; however, a more accurate diagnosis by a non-professional may be attained using the list available on the following URL:
This provides a list of possible conditions, a description of each condition, symptoms, a diagnosis, and possible treatment methods for many different possible lumps apparent on dog's skin.
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No don't pop it it could be either a fatty deposit or a cist have a vet take a look at it.
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O my gosh! Never pop it you don't know what can happen, it could get worse if you do that!
I would just leave it alone, but carefully wash it in warm,nice water to have it clean, then go to a vet to get a professional opinion and help! If you don't want to waste your money,then you might want to know that it probably will heel in a week, hopefully! Good luck!
Seems like you asked a long time-10months ago
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To tell you the truth I don't have a dog, so I don't know anything about them. But personally, I wouldn't do anything to it! I would take it to the vet. Ask them if they can show you what to do. Then, ask them if you do this every time your dog gets this. Hope I could help

Good luck!
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She could have a sticker in it. What I would do is clean it with alcohol and then put Corona Cream on it. If it doesn't get better I would ask a vet.
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Oh my I think my Shitzu has the same thing! I thought it was a tick bite, but I think now it is a boil !!!
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No don't pop it because you may not know exactly what it is you might want to take her to the vet, but if it is a boil it will go away eventually especially if you bathe her frequently.

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