Why Is My Dog So Tired And Sleepy?


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It is hard to diagnose the cause of the problem without knowing a bit more about the situation. However, if your dog has a loss of appetite as well as feeling lethargic, you should take it to see a vet as treatment may be needed. Lethargy in an animal can be associated with illness, infection or injury so it is best to get professional advice. Bacterial or viral infection can also cause havoc on a dog’s immune system. If your dog is suffering from an infection, it will be less active as most of the energy will be used to fight the virus. There are many ways to help treat a sick canine. Firstly, avoid feeding it dog snacks (opt for nutritious meals like boiled rice and chicken broth instead) and make sure to keep tabs on liquid consumption (to prevent dehydration). Another tip is to maintain a clean environment by washing around your dog’s sleeping area and frequently replacing bedding. If your hound is still not showing signs of recovery after a few days, it is wise to seek medical help. The age of your dog is also important to distinguish the problem. Puppies tend to dream more than adult dogs so this may explain why your pup is always tired. Dogs tend to move their legs, whimper or moan or wag their tails when they are dreaming so look out for these tell-tale signs. If your dog is old, it will naturally become less active and will therefore require more sleep. Help your dog maintain a healthy lifestyle (prevention is always better than cure!) by taking it on regular walks, avoiding frequent doggy junk food, topping up on supplements which are high in vitamins and minerals and  visiting the vets for yearly shots and check-ups.
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My dog won't get out of his bed, he is eating but not drinking.  When I pick him up he is all floppy.
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You got to stop giving him chocolate take him long walks your dogs seems to be depressed
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This sounds normal to me. Most dogs do spend the majority of their time sleeping, because the rest of their time (when their not eating anyways) they seem to run non stop.
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Oh my breeder told me about this awhile back. Its quite common in the transitional phase of new homes for a puppy. She recommended a teaspoon of sugar in the water bowl, or puppy cal nutritional gel.   This is for puppies with those symptoms, and also stumbling in their  walking.

Hope this helps

Checking the vet also is a must, just in case
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I know, my dog is just not being himself recently he has a dry nose and is hiding behind the sofa
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May be your dog had spent all the night playing and wandering around so feeling sleepy in the day.
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Lethargy and Inappentance can be indicators of a number of problems. Without looking at the dog it's impossible to tell what is going on. I would consult a vet as soon as possible.
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Is your dog getting older, because as dogs age, they become less active and require more sleep, if just a pup, or young do, don't be too concerned unless it is accompanies with other symptoms.  Keep an eye on your dog, and make sure he is okay.   May just be a few of those days, I know, I get them

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