Why Is My Dogs Balls So Red?


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A dog's testicles may be red due to licking. This could be an indication that the dog is experiencing some kind of discomfort within them, or the surrounding area. If they also happen to be swollen, there could be a serious underlying problem, such as an infection, physical trauma or injury; cancer or any other kind of tumor. In any case, it is highly important to take the animal to the vet as soon as possible in order to get a correct diagnosis and treatment. Some of the conditions which may be the cause include:

  • Condition 1 - Orchitis
This common condition is an infection of the testicles. On average, dogs affected by this condition tend to be around four years old, and all breeds are susceptible. Male dogs used for breeding, i.e. Dogs who have not been castrated or 'fixed', or allowed to roam freely carry the highest risk of contracting this infection, which is believed to be caused by traumas or infectious organisms entering the animal's body.

  • Condition 2 - Testicular Torsion
This condition, where the testicles get twisted within the scrotum and obstruct the flow of blood, can happen out of the blue and is extremely painful for the animal. It therefore requires immediate attention by a vet.

  • Condition 3 - Tumors
This very common cause of red, but in particular swollen testicles, often affects just one side. Out of the three possible types of testicular tumors, only one is malignant. As cancer is sadly not that uncommon in dogs, a proper diagnosis by a vet should be sought as soon as possible.

Some of the symptoms a dog with any of these conditions may display include excessive licking, an unwillingness to walk or even stand, a fever, lethargy, pain, visible wounds or a refusal to eat. Although antibiotics may help, castration is often the most effective treatment.
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If you mean a toy ball, then it turns red because of teething. Even in adult dogs, they teeth on toys and bleed onto them. If your dog's balls continue to constantly be red, see a veterinarian.

If you mean... The...well... Other type of balls, it could be an infection, color of skin, or from straining to use the restroom.
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For some reason my red nose pit bull has really red balls and I am very worried about it, even though he does not seem like he is in any pain, I am still worried I just noticed it this afternoon. It also looks like there is an actual line like a string is tied around it  you can see it, it does not look normal I am worried

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