Why Is My Dogs Poop So Runny?


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Runny poops mean diarrhea. This condition should be treated on time because it can cause dehydration which can be fatal. Diarrhea in dogs can be due to many reasons like
  1. Changes in food
  2. Food allergies
  3. Food intolerance
  4. Bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoan infections of GI tract
  5. Intestinal parasites
  6. Intestinal obstruction
  7. Stress/anxiety
  8. GI tract cancer
  9. Symptom of some other diseases
So, it will be better to take your dog to vet for diagnosis and advice.
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We got my puppy about 2 months ago and he had had runny poop. He didnt have it when they gave us the dog. We changed his food and gave him new treats cu's the food they where giving him was cheep food so we got better food and at first we thought is was the treats so we stoped giving him those and got new treats and it still has not stoped he did get yelled at a few time for going in the house and I'm wondering if it might be stress or the food. He is a puppy so we also thing he is teething. He is going on his last shots in 2weeks. He started them late. Please help me I don't know what I could do for my puppy.
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Could be number of things. Change of food, eaten something body doesnt agree with. You could try changing the food. Depending how long it has been going on for but if it is longer than a week I would tae her to the vets, because they can loose necessary water due to diarrhoea.

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