Can I help my kitten 14 wks old who's eye infection got worse because my dumb mother put peroxide against my wishes in his eyes? He's going to vet tomorrow, just want to see if I can help bring down the irritation?


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I would suggest contacting the vet clinic to ask them what you can do to reduce the discomfort until your appointment tomorrow.  People who are not qualified to answer your question may prescribe remedies which do more harm than good -- like putting hydrogen peroxide in a cat's eye.

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Abi Normal
Abi Normal commented
I would like to pour peroxide in her eyes, trust me I was upset. I was using clean, warm washcloths and they were clearing him up really well. *Sigh* thanks again guys.
CalTex - Doug Morgan
@Abi: Your welcome. And I love your profile name. A fan of "Young Frankenstein" are we? Anyway, I wish the best for your cat, and I am sure your mother has learned a lesson.
Abi Normal
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@Cal: Huge fan :) it helps my real first name is Abi to begin with ^_^ Ty again, here's hoping. Cheers!
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She did WHAT?? I hope it wasn't a strong concentrate .. You should never put anything more than a 3% concentrate anywhere near the eyes .. I can't believe anyone would do that to a kitten .. Would she do that to an infant?  My good gosh!  THAT would hurt like heck!  I'm glad your going to see the vet .. And I hope there isn't any permanent damage. I would suggest to read what to do on the bottle for treatment when it gets into the eyes.. very likes it should be flushed with water and rinsed well.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
Peroxide is bleach .. a lighter concentrate but still a bleach. It is not supposed to be used in or around the eyes...unless it is done by a professional, and used to treat a very specific type of wound. Please talk to the vet about the proper way to treat such an injury so THIS never happens again.
Bikergirl Anonymous

Check out this link ... it's the label of a bottle of peroxide .. Pay particular attention to the warning about the eyes

"Do not use in the eyes or apply over large areas of the body • longer than one week
• on deep or puncture wounds, animal bites, or on serious burns."

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