My Dog Is Losing His Hair On His Back. What Can I Do To Stop It?


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James Robinson answered
Dogs and Cat together means fleas get a good flea dip clean up your dog and find a spray for the area in the house. Buy some lime and sprinkle it in the yard to kill the fleas out side and then start giving your dog some brewers yeast with his dog food. His coat will look great.
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We have a 2 yr old chocolate lab.. Just had first litter of 11 on May 4th.   She has lost   fair amount of weight and coat seems to be thinning.   Is this   normal for a new mother ?
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michelle david answered
Why is my 2yr old chocolate labrador losing his hair,not falling out in patches but thinning at the sides
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Muhammad Nadeem answered
Hair loss in any breed of dog can be due to both internal and external reasons. Among the external causes allergies due to food, pollens, mold, fleas and lice are common reasons. Other external causes can be ringworm infection and  mange. Among internal factors, hormonal imbalance due to endocrine disorder, Cushing's disease and autoimmune skin disease can cause hair loss. Treatment depends upon underlying cause. So, take your dog to vet.
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Misbah Ahmed answered
This might be a symptom for a deeper underlying problem, take a trip to the vet to check if your dog is doing alright. He could have a skin infection or something. Maybe he's allergic to something.
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chen lyfen answered
Hi if your dog lose his hair it maybe he is ill or has other symptoms, so you should bring him to see the veterinary, as he like human being so he should be cured.

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