What Is A Good Name For A Dachshund And Chihuahua Mix Puppy?


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There is no "good name" for any dog.  A dog's name should be one to two syllables long.  When it is too long, it has a difficult time remembering.  I bought a baby name book and skimmed through the names until I picked Leonidas (the Greek warrior) and I call my yorkie Leo for short.  It would be amusing to name your tiny dog a very powerful name - tiny dogs have very big egos, after all! 
Don't stress over the name.  Have fun with the puppy!
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carlanda martinez
My son has a Jack Russe,l very appropriately named "Buzz". Perfect name for the busy little boy he is!
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I have one of these dogs. We got him from my wife's uncle. He some kind of mange or something
and the only hair he had was a little cow-lick on top of his head. I could only guess he was brown or gray. Anyhow, his name started out as Gizmo. One day he was laying int the palm of my hand and I commented to the wife that he looked like a boiled chicken gizzard. He's answered to Gizzard ever since. I cured his condition with a paste I mixed up with sulfur powder and olive oil. He's thick brown hair
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My son has a Jack Russel, very appropriately named "Buzz". The perfect name for the busy little boy he is!
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Check out pups personality and you will likely find the right name.

On of the dogs we got from ASPCA had dandruff I jokingly said that's what your name should be. My daughter suggested Riff and that is what we used.

Peppy dogs.... Ginger, Pepper, Tamale, Cayene
Laid back dog..... Chillin, Snooze, Couch
Just plain silly.... Goofy, Zany, Madcap, Wacky
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My dachshund has 52 or 53 days being pregnant how many days do I have to wait until she goes into labor?
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I named my dachshund and chihuahua, Chocolate, he loves it!! He spins around and jumps everytime I call him

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