Will Bleach Alternatives Kill Parvo?


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I am so sorry that your dog died. Parvo is such a dreadful thing to have to deal with.

areas that are thought to be contaminated with Parvo should be
thoroughly washed with chlorine bleach diluted 1 oz. Per quart of
water, or 4 oz. Per gallon of water." If you live in a country that
uses liters remember that a gallon is 128 oz., a quart is 32 oz., so
try to figure the ratio of bleach to water mathematically to that (I am
not good with math, so I can't figure it).

I realize that this
makes it difficult to deal with carpeting and furniture. The parvovirus can survive in the ground and your home for
about 6 months. So if you have any other pets, besides getting them
vaccinated, it will be very important to deal with ALL your things.

you have a yard you have to either kill your grass with the bleach, or
make sure you wait at least 6 months before getting another pet. My vet
had us vaccinate our puppy every 12 weeks for parvovirus for her first
few months of life. And then they recommend the yearly shot.
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Thank you so much for the advice and i do have another dog she is 14 and i took her to the vet for her yearly parvo shot as soon as i found out the puppy had parvo thanks again
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Parvo lives in your animal bleach kills all living things even your pet I wouldn't suggest giving bleach to your pet unless you want a dead one
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Bleach and pedi alite. Teaspoon of bleach to a cup of water.. Pedia light and chicken broth.
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My dog had parvo 8 months ago. She lived, and is now 11 months old. I am getting a pup on the 5th of june this year. I sprayed bleach 1part bleach to 30 water all over the back yard. The pup will have her first shot for parvo. What else can I do ? Am I at risk? I live in oregon not mush snow a little last year, but a lot of rain.

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