What is the key to potty training a puppy?


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The main points of how to potty train a puppy are to ensure you stick to a routine; work out their toilet habits and stick to a schedule in terms of feeding and walk times. It is also important to supervise them, so you can take them to the designated area when they need the toilet; this may mean getting up throughout the night to take them. When they do the toilet in the designated place, reward them with encouragement and/or a treat, as they will soon catch onto this and it will teach them to use this area whenever they need to go.

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First do not feed on demand but rather have scheduled feedings.  Then, start by taking the puppy for 5 consistent walks a day (they don't need to be really long). By the time the puppy gets to 1 year old you can ween it down to 3 walks per day. 

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Repedativeness and consistency! Take puppy outside about every two hours, and after puppy eats. Use the same door and state "outside" when you are at the door. You can hang a bell around the door and hit the bell every time you take puppy outside, eventually puppy will hit the bell when he needs to go outside! Always praise the puppy when he does his business outside.

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My dog rings a bell that hangs next to my front door when she has to go out. I've used this for two dogs and a cat and it works great for me.
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I'm envious. :) The other thing we had to remove were the springy doorstops that are attached to the baseboard.
"TWANG!!!!!" all night and day. : \ What a group...
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Oh, that would drive me crazy.
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Consistency is key in any kind of training when it comes to puppies. With potty trainig it is good to know when they normally go, so you can be proactive. The key times are when they first wake up, after they eat, and after playing. Just be sure to get them outside immediately after all of those. Also anytime you see them "assume the position" you pick them up and get them outside.

If you see a puppy starting to go inside sternly say "NO!" and quickly get them outside to finish. If you don't see them and find a mess just clean it up. Don't try to correct them after the fact, because they won't understand why you are upset.

ALWAYS praise them when they potty outside. Treats are not neccesary but some people give them. Puppies just want to make you happy so praise goes a long way.

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Feed then walk, reward for any outside business done you can reduce the rewards once potty trained.  Restrict the puppy to a certain area say den and kitchen, wherever you spend most of your time and watch him/her usually they'll run back and forth sniffing out a spot you'll soon learn to recognize the signs. 

One of the keys is to remove any old accident spots by using the enzyme stuff you can buy at any petstore.  If they can smell the spot they've already soiled they'll be likely to use the spot again.

NEVER hit or physically punish the puppy when he has accidents, he wants to please you and he'll soon learn if you keep up the strict training.

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