How Often Should I Take My New Puppy Outside To Go Pee? How Long Should She Be Out There?


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Never rub a pups nose in his pee, you only make him fear you and it makes training him harder. Take your pup outside to pee after every meal and drink he has. When his peeing say 'good pee', he will learn soon enough where is OK to go and if you keep up the praise he may learn to pee on command.
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When a puppy is 8-10 weeks old, what I did was took him out about every 2 hours. If he drank water I took him out and sure enough he would pee. If you keep him in a kennel at night, he will not pee in there if it is a small space. Rubbing his nose in it just makes him afraid of you and he will hide and pee everywhere. By the time our puppy was 3 months old he would bark and sit in front of us to go out side. We even got him to do his business in the woods and not in our yard.
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You have to watch your puppy like a hawk. Try to figure out the body language of your dog, Does the dog sniff around? Whine? Whimper? Pace back & forth? Or wander across the room? If you can figure out the signals, take the puppy out then, sometimes 3-4 times an hour depending on how hot it is, how much the puppy drinks, etc. If you are unable to read the signals, then every hour, except at night. There are many free vids from a variety of places like Humane Society or your local pound. Good Luck!
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Take her out every 30 to 40 minutes unless she goes inside, then take her out sooner then that,
she should be out there until she does her business. Then start taking her out ever hour or so, to let her know that she'll have to wait. Another hint...
If you are trying to potty train her,when she goes outside, give her a treat right a way, to reward her. The peeing inside will eventually stop...
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I think you need to keep it inside and make it pee on some old newspaper. When you've had it for a few months, you can take it outside to pee.

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Need to limit the liquids at night. Try putting paper in kennel, she'll pee on it. Take outside place on ground, cover with a little dirt. She may have to smell it outside. When you take her out, do not come in until she goes outside. And remember to praise her when she does.
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Till she pees yo should also take her out on a leash
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You didn't say whether they are male or female, best chance is to get them fixed, and shampoo the carpet and clean the walls to remove all the smells.
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When we got our new maltese we took him out every hour around the clock. And then after one week, he was potty trained. We crate trained him too. So, he knew not to pee in his crate.
Hope This Helped!
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Every half hour in the cold 5mins or intill they got to go the bathroom.but females go more than once
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I have a neutered male who still pees on everything.  He has been neutered since we got him and didn't start peeing on stuff until we got to the new house. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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Take her out about every hour. Wait about 5-10 minutes and then let her insoide. Or you can go outside to play with her and she can go potty.
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I am concerned that your puppy is experiencing puppy vaginitis.  This is an inflammation--sometimes has a bacterial cause--that leads to difficulty in house training, frequent urination, and accidents in the house.  Your veterinarian can rule this out and then you know it is lack of proper training.  Your veterinarian will then review your training techniques and can make suggestions.
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Well if she doesn't like going outside to pee try holding a treat in front of a tree and if she only goes for the treat grab her and pull her away from the tree in order to eat the treat then make her sit near the tree for about 20 to 30 minutes to see if she could go pee by herself keep on teaching her that until she knows what she needs to do.I tried my best to answer the question.hope it works it worked for my dog
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Well, it will take a little training to accomplish this. First, everytime he eats you need to tell him "go potty" and take him to his pee spot outside. Everytime. This should only take a few days to establish. You must clean the accident spots in the house because they will go where they smell it. Do not let oyur dog have water after dinner -only in the beginning. Once he gets the "go potty" part down then you can introduce the bell idea. It takes approx. 30 times for a dog to fully learn a new command so be patient. Also know that puppies are like kids , they need to be watched. You should not expect the dog to tell you when he has to go, you need to offer him times to go that exceed his need.
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If you don't want to neuter your dog simply get wee wee pads they come in different sizes. There is a sent on the pads that only dogs could smell so they know to go there. Try that and see how it works. And yes clean the carpets and the walls there could have numerous or 1 dog in the house prior to you buying that might have been peeing everywhere. Hope this helps. You could pick up these pads at an animal store re: Petco, petsmart, stop n shp or shoprite.
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This sounds like your baby if it is a boy, he is marking his territory.
This is a bad habit that boy dogs pick up if you don't get them neutered. Get him neutered and he will not want to do that anymore.
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I would 4 times a day at 53 hour intervials. Then don't leave her  unatended.let her stay about 5 min. What kind of dog is she?
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As soon as he pees not 5 minutes after the fact you rub his nose in it and then immediately take him outside and teach him that the outside is for him to use the bathroom and take him out frequently while house training him, and reward him for using the bathroom outside instead of in the house. Don't use hitting or kicking as a method of teaching.

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