Can The Hormone Injection That Is Given To Female Dogs To Prevent Them From Having Puppies Make Them Aggressive?


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The risk with the mismate shot is that it will cause or contribute to a uterine infection called pyometra which usually results in spay.  If their hormones are so out of balance in a manner to cause aggression then they should be spayed and any eventual breeding may result in them pretty much becoming out of control aggressive and psychotic. It would be an existing problem with the dog that would likely happen if they became pregnant or whelped. So, if a dog becomes aggressive it is the dog and they should be spayed (most dogs) to reduce/stop hormone production. A spay and termination is also an alternative to the mismate shot and really the best choice in many circumstances as it eliminates the possibility of future accidents and shelter pups and also the health concerns of breeding and not being spayed.

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