At What Age Does A Female Maltese Come In Heat? And When Should I Get Her Fixed So She Won't Have Puppies?


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A maltese (and other small breeds) usually goes into heat around 5 to 7 months of age. Sometimes a little sooner. Watch for swelling of the vulva and some behavioral changes in her and especially the dogs around her. They do not always show signs of bleeding which is called a 'silent' heat and it can be difficult to tell. Many dogs commonly go through a silent heat on their first cycle even if they do not tend to do so after that (though hopefully they will be spayed since it's healthier). Giant breeds and some other's like bulldogs usually do not go through their first cycle until around 9 to 13 months due to the fact that it takes them longer to begin to mature.
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I always had a toy on hand and stuck it in my puppy's mouth when he wanted to bite my fingers.  My vet told me that 6 months of age is when dogs should be "fixed".  Call your vet and see what they say, I'm sure they can tell you that much over the phone.
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Dogs usually come into their first heat between 6 and 12 months of age.  Have her spayed at 5-6 months.  It is important to spay before the first heat cycle--this reduces the chance of breast cancer to almost zero. 
When your puppy bites inappropriately tell her "no bites" then give her an appropriate toy and ignore her.  Do not repeat your reprimand multiple times as this turns into a game; even though it is negative attention puppies respond and get more excited.  Another method is when your puppy bites you hold her lower jaw with your thumb and pointer finger for 8-10 seconds.  You do not want to hurt the puppy just make her uncomfortable.  She will then associate human fingers with something uncomfortable and stop doing it.

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