How To Prevent My Dog From Getting Pregnant While She Is In Heat?


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Canine contraceptives and birth-control medication is in the process of being developed, tested and approved- but until it's available to the general population, your best bet is simply to create physical barriers.

You may also want to consider having your dog spayed if you don't intend to breed her at a later date.

How do I stop my dog from getting pregnant? Everyone knows that there are simply too many unwanted dogs in this world. Charity re-homing centers are regularly inundated with dogs that are the result of unwanted pregnancies.

To prevent this from happening to your dog, the best protection is to simply set up some physical barriers to stop your dog from mating.

Keeping your dog under lock and key might sound cruel, but letting her have puppies that no-one can look after is certainly worse.

Preventing a dog from getting pregnant
One thing to watch out for is the howling, as female dogs that are prevented from mating often howl in frustration throughout the night. This is very annoying for owners that enjoy their sleep, and is also distressing for the dog.

To minimize the problem, I'd suggest trying to make sure your female doesn't catch the scent of males. Restrict all interaction with other dogs.

You may also want to consider Chlorophyll  tablets. These work to mask the scent your dog emits that gets male dogs interested.

Dressing your dog as a cow might also help keep her under the radar and away from unwanted male attention, although scientific research into this method hasn't been done yet!
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Don't let her get outside or have access to a male dog, then I suggest to get her spayed.
It's so much easier, and helps prevent the overpopulation of animals.

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