My Sheltie is recovering from severe acute pancreatitis and sepsis. Drinking water. But he will not eat a thing. Any suggestions on how to revive his appetite? I've tried chicken and brown rice, wet dog food, and cheese. Thank you


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Mix ground meat with white rice. Serve it warm not hot then you can mix it with the dog food. I think chicken can upset the dogs stomach. We never used chicken and brown rice. If the dog won't eat it with the dog food then give just ground meat & white rice.

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Debbi Upthegrove
Debbi Upthegrove commented
Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, this dog is allergic to beef. Have to stick with chicken for this guy. But I will try mixing it with his wet food.
Cyber Tooth Tiger
Yes, sorry about your doggie, I hope he feels better:-)))
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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

You might try what my Vet told me to feed my Hound when he got pancreatitis. I just feed him white rice and cottage cheese. Took him a day or so and now he eats it right up. I've slowly been adding some good dry dog food into it   and he seems fine. I wouldn't use any type of meat unless your Vet tells you too. Sometimes chicken is OK. Try the white rice and cottage cheese ! Good luck!

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