My Dog Keeps Biting At Her Fur,all The Fur Has Come Out And Red Lumps Around Her Tail And Bottom. Can You Help?


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Janet Simmons answered
Your dog may have allergies.  I had a Terrier that did the same thing....he was allergic to the carpet in my Condo.  The vet can run an allergy test on your dog to determine what she has allergies to.  Some can be allergic to something in their food, in the shampoo you use to bath them, so many different things.  Good Luck! Janes
Gareth Evans Profile
Gareth Evans answered
What food are you feeding? Your dog should have an allergy test done, and a skin graph to check for parasites. Get those tests done. I have a male pitty who had the same problem had the tests done found he was allergic to dairy and I was putting yogurt on both his feedings. Thy a good quality fish based food or a sensitive skin and stomach food.  

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