Does The Fox Eat Rabbits?


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Suhail Ajmal answered
Yes. The fox loves to eat rabbits, bugs, fish etc. However, a small fox might be frightened to eat a big rabbit but still foxes love to eat rabbits.
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jane yaniro answered
I volunteer at a wildlife refuge and yes the red fox love mice. We feed them pinkies(new born mice) which come frozen for our wildlife.
Fox´s have relatively small stomachs for their size. So, a red fox can eat only about half as much food in relation to it´s body weight as wolves and dogs can. So in the wild if they found part of a rabbit they might, but I doubt they are the reason for the lack of rabbits you mention.
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Yes they sure do. An easy and tasty meal.
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jaimin patel answered
Yes they might if it is there last option
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Charming Gurl answered
Yes, if you have a very large rabbit and a small fox this might stop the fox but yes foxes love to eat rabbits

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