How Can I Get Rid Of My Cat's Ear Mites Without Going To The Vet?


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If you would like something that is not poisonous and inexpensive, try mineral oil. Put a few drops in each ear and gently fold over the ear and massage the oil into the ear canal. Wait a day or two and swab out the ear with a cotton swab or a soft thin cloth. Repeat this until the ear looks clean. Check occasionally for reccurence.
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You should regularly treat your cat, with a treatment that can be placed on the back of his neck, where he can't lick it.
Advantage is one brand, however there are others.
I treat my cat every three weeks. It is a single dose, minute amount of highly poisonous oil, that you place on the back of his neck, where his paws and mouth can't reach it. Then reclose the little cap, and dispose of the tube responsibly.
You can buy this at your pet shop, or local pet wholesaler. They come in packs of five, and work out cheaper than the vet doing it, but are not cheap, about 20 pounds.
This will keep your cat free of flee larvae, mites and ticks.
In fact, our cat is in perfect health, and after two treatments, three weeks apart, you will find you cat has been completely freed of them.
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Don't use peroxide it damages the good cells in the ears!!!!
There is not much over the counter home remedies for ear mites you could do so I would just advise you to take them in to the vets office and get some ear meds and get it checked out... Ear mights are more common in cats then dogs .
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Go to the vet and get a shot that kills the ear mites. Don't mess around putting oil in the ear, it no longer works with the mites. They are resistant to that treatment, the oil was never alone, you also had a medication to drop in, Don't mess around with stuff that may cause other problem, please take you pet to the vet. I am not a vet, I have cats and they need treatment if you ever want the animal to enjoy life again. The shot works right away.
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What can I do about this?...   my adult has had ear mites awhile and he has scratch and one ear is almost swollen closed. What can I do? I had some cefaclor (my antibiotic).
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Mineral Oil is supposed to drowned them.  Go to
It will give you step by step instructions. 

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