Do Kittens Die When They Leave Their Mother?


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Obviously they will die if they are practically newborns, but if they are slightly older kittens and they receive the right treatment from responsible owners then there is no reason to say that they will die.

Generally, kittens will be fully weaned once they have reached between eight and 10 weeks old. During the first three or four weeks, kittens will rely solely on the milk of their mother for nutrition, so it's essentially that kittens are not taken away from their mothers at this point. Cat food will eventually be introduced slowly into their diets when they have been fully weaned from milk. They will eventually start just eating the cat food and at this point they do not technically need their mum.

If you remove the kitten from their mother before weaning has finished then you can cause health problems for the kitten. Most experts suggest that it is safe for a kitten to be removed from their mother once they are fully weaned, but if you really want your kitten to be socialized properly with its mother and siblings then you might as well keep them together a little longer until they are grown and ready to be taken away by their new prospective owners.

This is because some experts suggest that even though the kitten is fully weaned it is best to keep it with its mother for a full 12 weeks. This allows the kitten to learn necessary social skills so that it is not scared or intimidated by other animals in the future. So be responsible and keep the cat with its mother for as long as you can, and as long as the kittens are weaned properly then you can be sure that they will remain healthy in the future.
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No they don't die as many people have kittens or cats as a pet animal but its essential to take care of them if they are very small then feed them like a child afterward take care them and inject them all anti disease injection to prevent from any disease
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Mine did because she didn't have hte nutrients the milk provided.
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No does not die but  need to him proper care.
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Not Exactly
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No they do not,how do you think people have cats as pets,but if the kitten is not fully weaned and cannot eat by its self it will die but if can eat and fully weaned then it will live.

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Some can  its really about  how old they are  because  if they leave when they are to young they can die. Because they will not know what to do without their mother . 

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