How Do I Know If My Dogs Kidneys Are Failing?


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If your dog is listless, not drinking, or even goes off to be alone to die, then the kidneys are in serious condition. Drinking antifreeze in any amount causes severe kidney failure. I know because I did not react to my precious Frosty's symptoms. She died after being in a coma for a period of time. Had I responded earlier than I did, the vet could have saved her life from the poisoning. For other medical conditions, there may be lifesaving things that a vet could do.
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If your dog stops urinating or if he stops taking in fluids such as milk and water, then this a solid evidence that his or her kidneys have failed. Kidneys are the organs that are responsible for excreting waste materials from the body in the form of urine.
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My 8yr male black lab, is very stiff and doesn't seem to be able to lay down. I don't think he is able to pee. He is very restless.

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