How Do You Tame A Tarantula And How Do You Handle Them?


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Tarantulas cannot be tamed.  Some Tarantulas are just more docile than others.  
Take the Rose Hair for example, they are rather docile and won't strike unless surprised or aggravated.  A T. Blondie however is not one I would wish to ever handle.

All Tarantulas have venom, however if they do decide to bite generally its dry and just a warning.

The best way to handle a Tarantula is to coax it onto the back of your hand, do not breath on your pet as they do not like any air flow over their body.  Do not make sudden movements and keep your hand still.  And be confident.

A fall from any large height more than 6 inches could easily rupture the inside of your tarantula killing them slowly.  Especially the Terrestrial species like a Rose Hair.

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