What Could Cause A Hole In My Dog's Skin?


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A small hole found on your dog's skin, about the size of a pea, could be a sign of a cuterebra larvae. These parasites will need veterinary attention so it is important to have any holes in the skin checked out by a professional.

Sometimes a hole will merely be a sign of acne or ingrowing hairs, but if the dog has any other side effects, the hole appears to be worsening or has lasted for an unusually long time then it is important to take him to the vet. A vet will be able to best advise about what the hole is and administer any antibiotics or other treatment, should the hole be infected.

  • The life of cuterebra larvae
The bee like flies will land on dogs, where they will live until they have laid their eggs. These eggs will then hatch and bury their way into the dog's skin leaving a hole. The larva will live in the skin for up to a month, using the hole for breathing, after which they emerge out of the skin and fall to the ground. While the dog is just acting as a host for these larvae, the holes that they create can sometimes become infected. In all cases, it is important to get the larvae removed.

  • Treatment of cuterebra larvae
Your dog will be required to undergo a small surgical procedure. The hair around the hole will be shaved and the skin disinfected. The larvae will then be removed from the skin in the safest way possible to avoid rupturing the parasites. Your dog will then be administered a series of antibiotics to prevent the skin from becoming infected and to treat any infection that may have already occurred.

There are a number of reasons why your dog may have a hole in his skin but to find the most accurate diagnosis it is important that you take him to a vet.

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