How can you tell if a female betta fish is pregnant? What are the symptoms?


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How to Tell if a Betta fish is pregnant:

  • When producing eggs a female Betta fish's stripe pattern will change. Look for prominent vertically descending white stripes, as these are an indicator that she may be fertile.
  • A white tube known as a ovipositor will appear on the females belly. This is where the eggs will be released from when she lays them.
  • In Betta Fish the male is the adult responsible for looking after the eggs once they have been fertilized. Check his tank to see if he has made a nest to store any prospective eggs in. If he has, then the male Betta is ready to mate and a female may be put into his tank.
  • Once the fish have mated, try to identify small dots or particles in the males nest, as these are the eggs.
The Betta fish is a popular pet characterized by its distinctive color pattern and elaborate lively displays. An image of the fish can be found at the following link:

Originally found wild in Asia, the Betta fish prefer a habitat of slow moving rivers and the rice paddies of South-east Asia.

Often aggressive and violent towards one another, males will fight to the death if kept in the same tank, leading to the fish being given the name, the 'Siamese Fighting Fish'.

The only time Betta fish should be kept together is during mating, a female Betta fish lays eggs rather than producing live offspring. Once these have been produced separate the male and female immediately.
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Well was there a male with your female betta? If not then its not pregnant. And bettas dont get pregnant they basically lay eggs.

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