How Soon Can A Dog Get Pregnant After Have Pups?


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Dog come into heat 2 times a year after they give birth six month later they will come into heat. I have raised jack russell puppies
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Hi my jack russell had 6 lovely pups 5th dec i noticed this morning that her and my male dog were stuck together do this mean that she wil get pregnant?thought it would of been at least 6 months to a year after please can you give me some advise thankyou. Catherine
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My dog had puppies 5days ago and I let her loose out side.then when I found her she was mating with a dog .can she get pregnant ?
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Most dogs while nursing their pups have no interest. Once the pups start to grow and become independant, then the mother may feel the need to go into heat again.  Dogs usually go into heat a year after and only there are a lot of males around them that are available.  Did you know that when they tried to breed a panda, because they only had one male, she refused, and the male instead of mating attacked her.  They found that by introducing more than one male, she was only then willing to mate.  I guess they are sort of like people that way, they want to choose, not be forced

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