How Long Can A Dog Be On Antibiotics?


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Meta Forrest answered
Normally between 7-10 days. Your vet can advise you.
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KR- myopinions answered
It usually takes a few days for an antibiotic to even begin to safely build up in the system enough to begin working. Something more minor is usually at least a 10 to 14 days round on an antibiotic. If it has been awhile and you don't feel it is working you could speak to your vet about maybe looking into some testing (depending on the problem) to isolate the bacteria or other cause and make sure it is the most effective on whatever it is and also testing your pup for their resistance to the antibiotics in case your pup is resistant to that type and that is a part of the problem.
Most people don't want to do that sort of thing unless the situation is getting dire or the vet suggests it once they think it is going to be the most beneficial because the standard treatment isn't working as quickly or as well as it should be. Won't hurt to bring it up first and you can at least look into it as a possibility if you are concerned.

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