Can Dog Saliva Heal Human Wounds?


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Not it is not at all a weird question. I liked your question it has also broadened my knowledge. According to different resources dog's saliva contains white blood cells and moisture that is known for the healing of wounds but it is not the same for human beings as well. As dog's saliva has also different types of microorganisms like bacteria that can badly affect your health, the other way around.
It will be a better option that you go for antiseptics so that it can be cured in a safe manner
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Yes  I have experienced this matter personally by letting my ( wormed ) Lab lick minor  poisons , rashes and  small laccerations which healed  in just a few days afterwards.
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I have always heard if you got bit, you would want to be bitten by a dog rather than a human , they are cleaner.  In the Bible healings, Christ and the disciples worked under the authority of One greater than themselves, so if they were told to heal someone's illness with a fig, it would have worked.
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Yes it will heal it
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My wife, the know it all b***ch nurse says its a total farse and thet people like you all an I should wake from our fantasy world and get a grip.

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