Can You Use Human Antibiotic Cream On A Dogs Ear?


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Yes, you can use human antibiotics in dogs. But you should take care of following
  • Some dogs are sensitive to antibiotics and can suffer from allergic reaction.
  • Dose of the antibiotic is calculated with respect to body weight.
You can purchase these antibiotics fro pharmacy. There are some companies marketing antibiotics for pets. It will be better to use these antibiotics or visit to vet.
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The best thing to put on it is hydrocortizone cream it is safe for the dog and if this persists then you need to go to the vet and get him on some antibiotics. Make sure you are giving him plenty of water and you can also give him some aspirin and this will help get rid of the pain for him!! Good luck!!!
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Hydrocortisone and all steroids are not allowed on cuts and wound because of their anti-mitotic effect. Due to this effect wound will not close or heal.
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this is what the vet recommended its given to dogs and the cortizoizone shot is given to by the vet too!!!!!
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No it can't be used on a dog's ear.

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