I Notice That My Dog Smells Like Fish Sometimes By Her Private Area, But It Seems To Be Getting Worse. What Is This? How Do I Fix It?


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Assuming that you are talking about the vulva, then it could well be a urinary tract infection, or even vaginitis. Dogs also have anal glands. These are actually residual scent glands that sit either side of the anus. They are there to secrete a small amount of liquid when a dog defecates. Some dogs, however, do not express fully and the liquid can build up and begin to smell. Hence, this could be yet another problem with your dog's health.

These anal glands can easily become impacted and infected, and some dogs will require the glands to be expressed on a regular basis. The smell, no matter the cause, is obviously not right and hence the first thing that you should do is take your dog to the vet to be examined. A urinalysis and anal gland expression can also be done to determine the actual cause of the issue. Identifying the cause of the problem will allow your vet to provide you with appropriate treatment.

Obviously you're going to want to do something yourself to help your dog, whether that's for cost reasons or otherwise - but you must remember that when your dog has an issue like this it's important that you speak to specialists and find out precisely what kind of care and medication must be provided for your pet. Seeing your vet will not only stop the problem from occurring and make your pet dog healthy, but it will also put your mind at ease. You will be explained what the issue is and you will be given the right assistance during all steps of medication. Your vet will always be the best source of help.
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It is called an anal gland and they should be expressed when you give the dog a bath. Take your thumb and finger and pinch real firm on each side of the back of the anus and a black discharge will squirt out. Honest.
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If it is her vulva that is smelly it may be a urinary tract infection or vaginitis.  Dogs also have anal glands--these are residual scent glands that sit at 4 and 8 o'clock around the anus.  They secrete a small liquid when dogs defecate--some dogs do not express fully and this liquid builds.  The anal glands can become impacted and infected.  Some dogs require these glands to be expressed regularly.
Have your dog examined by a veterinarian; a urinalysis and anal gland expression will be done to determine the source of the problem.  Identification of the problem will direct treatment.
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I think Ann is right. Sounds like anal glands. This just happens and the dog has no control over it. They will sometimes drag their rear on the floor/carpet when the glands are full and making them uncomfortable.
If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, you can express the gland your self.
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Dogs can get.....*a guy answering this one.....kinda uncomfortable*...infections down there too.  You might want to go take her to the vet, so he can make sure it's a simple infection, and not something worse. Even if the infection is something small, she'll still need some meds to treat it.
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It sounds like it is anal glands take her to a groomer and have them expressed much cheaper than a vet. If you wait to long they can rupture and you will have to go to a vet.

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