My Dog Has A Rash On Her Back Right Above Her Tail. What Could I Do About This Without Taking Her To The Vet?


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I was a groomer for years and the way we deal with skin issues is : If its broken the skin , then clean it and put polysporin on it and cone the dog , If its a dry flaky rash , we put diaper cream on it and make sure the dog doesn't lick it off before it sinks in . If this is a rash caused by scratching , you have to de-flea the dog , and then put calamine lotion on the spot , cone the dog . Some owners had dogs who scratched out of habit , and they used small doses of benadryl (use according to weight) once a day , at the same time every day for a month or so .Vets are expensive , and I get why you don't want to go . If its ever life threatening you can surrender you dog to your local shelter .
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What tye of rash is it???  If it becomes worst and worst than take your dog in.  Don't let your dog be in pain and out of confort

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