Is A Brindle A Type Of Pit Bull?


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Brindle is a pattern of color--a bit more subtle than a tiger's coat , while usually a sort of striped pattern,and usually more uniform  than you would say the color pattern is in a calico cat.  Many pitbulls do have a brindle pattern, rough lighter stripes, but pitbulls may also be absent that color pattern and be all black or all brown, or have markings otherwise.  Brindle is not a pattern exclusive to pitbulls.
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Yes a brindle is a type of coloring of a dog.  Brindle pit bull will be black, brown and white.  Some of which may smear together looking similar to marble.
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No brindle is a color. Its dark brown and has black stipes runing through it
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Yes brindle is a type of pit bull they have three colors black,brown and white

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