What Could Cause Partial Face Paralysis In A Dog?


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Facial nerve weakness and facial nerve paralysis in dogs is problem of 7th cranial nerve of the peripheral nervous system. This problem can cause improper function or total dysfunction of the muscles related with facial expression. Affected muscles can be of eyelids, nose, lips, and ears.
In majority of the cases, cause of facial nerve paralysis is not known. Inflammation of the inner and middle ear, trauma, cancer, neuromuscular diseases, ear surgery, inflammatory disease of CNS, etc can cause this disorder. Some breeds like cocker spaniel, English setter, Pembroke Welsh corgi and boxer are more prone to develop facial nerve paralysis. Its symptoms are drooping of lips, head tilt, abnormal eye  movements, more opened eyes, asymmetrical pupil size, nose deviation to one side, drooping of food, salivation, eye discharge and inability to blink, and weakness.
No specific treatments are available. To treat partial or complete facial nerve paralysis in dogs, underlying cause is treated.

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