I have a petite cat that is ten months old and I'm worried that she may have trouble giving birth. I know she's pregnant because her nipples are swollen and pink, and she is getting bigger in her belly only, and she is very hungry all the time. Will she be OK?


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I would take your cat to the vet, and ask them if she will be okay
giving birth to her kittens. They also will be able to tell you an
estimated due date, and how many kittens she may have. If she is petite,
she may only have 1-3 kittens.

God bless to all animal lovers like you!
Thank you for getting your kitty and giving her a home! Also, you
should consider getting her spayed after she has weaned them, which will
be when the kittens are 12 weeks old.

That will be when her milk dries
up. I had a petite cat once that was pregnant, and she was fine and gave
birth to 2  healthy kittens. We kept her two kittens.

We had 4 cats at
the time then, and 3 bearded dragons and 3 dogs. And then we added her
two kittens to our family of ten, and we had 12 pets. I hope I was of
help to you, and good luck to your little petite pregnant kitty and you!

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