What Can I Do For My Sick Dog?


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Take him to the vet!

If that's not an option, keep him comfortable and in familiar surroundings. Labored breathing may suggest stress and/or a fever. Panting is the only way, aside from the pads of the foot from which sweat is secreted, for dogs to release heat. Try to eliminate or reduce any sources of stress. If you feel you can do so safely, you may want to take your dog's temperature rectally. If it is above 103 F or below 100 F, you should seek veterinary care.

It sounds like he's in a rough place. I wouldn't wait more than three or four days to see if his health improves before getting professional help.
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I would take him to the vet...Good luck.
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You really do need to take it to the vet because he could have a tomber because I remember my dog had one of those and we didn't even know and he died. Does he a have any big lumps on him now that he didn't have before because if he does then there is a chance that he could have cancer or a tomber what ever??? I am soooo sorry for the inconvenience with your dog!!
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I wouldnt worry to much about it , hes proberbly not eating because hes getting things inbetween , my dog was sick today , iam going to not give him anything to eat for 24hrs and if he's not by himself by then , then take him to the vet , I seem to think he might have eating a soft toy I bought him the other day .
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Take him 2 da vet !!!!!

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