I've Been Told That Cooked Bones Can Be Bad For My Dog. I Have Been Feeding My Dog Cooked Chicken Bones For Months Now And She Is Fine. Should I Be Worried?


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While it is true that cooked bones should be avoided at all costs, you really do not have to worry now if your dog is fine. However, it is recommended that from now on you feed only raw bones to your dog. This is because cooked bones can become brittle and dry and they can easily get stuck within the dog's throat. Unfortunately many pet owners find out the hard way and in some cases dogs have died from choking on a cooked bone.

Raw bones are fine on the other hand as they are naturally soft and in the wild dogs would eat raw meat from the bone. They can also be good for your dog as they clean the teeth and even freshens the breath. The size of the bone that you should allow your dog depends on the size of the dog. If you have a large dog such as a Saint Bernard, chicken bones may not be a great idea as they are easy to get stuck. However, chicken bones would be ideal for a breed such as the Chihuahua.

So if you do want to give your dog a treat, stay away from cooked bones and trade them for nice, juicy raw ones!
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The problem with cooked bones - especially from fowl - is that they are brittle and can break off with jagged and sharp edges which can damage throat and stomach.
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any bones from a bird is very bad they sliver off and can cut the throat and the stomach and internal organs.

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