My Dog Has A White Spot Or What Looks Like A Caterack In His Eye. What Should I Do?


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It is not particularly easy to diagnose the appearance of white spots on a dog's eye as it could be caused by a number of things. The best advice would be to take your dog to a vet so that you can get a proper and thorough diagnosis of the issue.

If the only unusual thing about your dog's eyes is the white spots, then it is highly unlikely that he has cataracts. Cataracts will tend to make the dog's eyes appear cloudy and slightly blue in color. If a dog has an immature cataract only part of the eye will cloud over, but it can develop into a mature cataract if the entire eye becomes cloudy.

Obviously it is not possible to provide a proper diagnosis without seeing the dog's eye, but it is possible that the white spots mean that your dog has a corneal ulcer, which is an inflammatory condition whereby the outer layer of the cornea is lost. It is a condition that is fairly common among dogs and is also seen in cats. Treatment of this problem would involve topical antibiotics, but you should not attempt to treat these white spots without first seeking the advice of your vet to get a proper diagnosis.

If you want to find out more information before you visit the vets, then you could look at these websites:

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This dog should be examined by a veterinarian.  White pigmentation of the eye can be related to several different things.  If it is on the outside of the eye this could be a corneal ulcer or corneal foreign body.  If this color change is occurring at the level of the lens than it may be a cataract or nuclear sclerosis (an aging change).  With nuclear sclerosis dogs can see normally but as cataracts develop vision is compromised and they will become blind.  Cataracts can also be caused by diseases like diabetes--severe cataracts can develop very quickly with this disease.
Call your local shelter to see if they run a low cost or income based clinic.  Some clinics also accept payment plans.

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If you are just noticing this, it could be something the just recently happened, or something that has been there for a while. It really could be cataracts if the pup is an older one. I would suggest that you take the pup in to be seen. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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