My 8 Week Puppy Keeps Attacking My Feet And Pant Legs. Yelling "Ouch" To Startle Him Only Seems To Excite Him And He Barks Back At Me And Attacks Again! How Do I Stop This?


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I have to smile at this as it is a typical thing with puppies in my breed. :)

What you could try is getting a tin can (like a pepsi can) and throw a couple pebbles or pennies into it. Keep the can nearby when he is out with you so you can shake it to give him a slight scare to break his needle teeth grip. Once he does, you could try telling him 'good boy' and give him a treat or a toy that is safe for him to chew on. He should start to get the positive association of "if I don't do that - I get praise and a treat/toy".

It will take time, but puppies are smart and he will catch on! I've walked around for weeks with little dog treats in my pockets to get through that stage! :)

Best of luck...
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Clap your hands and in a firm voice tell him no you will need to do this every time he does the behavior that you don't wont him doing, this  also  work for other behavior problems

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