What Causes Hair Loss And Loose Stool In Dogs?


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These are two separate types of diseases in dogs that can cause hair loss and loose stool in dogs. The hair loss in dogs could be due to infection of skin that can cause skin infection. There are number of reasons for loose stools in dogs including indigestion and arteries infection.
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Hair loss could be hormone related from having puppies.  However since is it spreading, stress makes animals lose hair, as well as several parasitic, fungal and bacterial infections.  Only way for certain is to have a skin scrape done at the vet and get correct pet meds for dogs. 
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There are many reasons why a dog would be losing its hair. Some of the more common ones include infection of the hair follicles, a demodectic mange affliction which is usually caused by the Demodex mite, Sarcoptic mange which is caused by the Sarcoptes mite etc. Certain growth hormones could also cause hair loss in dogs.
One of the causes of a runny stool in a dog is overfeeding. Other causes could be poor hygiene in the feeding room or utensils. Presence of parasites such as hookworms, tapeworms etc could also cause a runny stool in a dog.

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