What Is Flat White Worms In Dogs Poop? What Kind Of Worms Are They?


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These types of worms are probably tape worms, which tend to match your description quite closely. Getting ridding of the flat, white worms in your dog's feces will require a prescription from a vet - while there are plenty of home remedies for this problem posted all over the Internet, some of them don't work, and others can actually harm your dog. When it comes to the health of your beloved pet, it's important not to cut corners. Make sure you are doing what is best for your dog by taking him or her to the vet to get the pet diagnosed and treated. Vets are expensive, but necessary at times, and this is one of those times. Getting proper care for your pet will make him or her feel healthier and happier.

Pet Care Tips

• Over the counter pet medications for tape worms in dog's feces will not usually work as efficiently as the medications prescribed by a certified veterinarian. Many people buy tons of over the counter meds for their dogs, only to find that the flat, white worms are still present in their dog's excrement. Sometimes, people cease to give their dogs the medicine after the feces appears clear of worms. However, often, the medicine must be taken for two weeks, and stopping it early will result in a recurrence. Instead of constantly giving your dog new forms of tapeworm medicine, use a good prescription brand, and follow the instructions to the letter.
• Dewormer medication is usually prescribed for tapeworm in dogs. Tapeworm is an intestinal worm with a larval phase, and it requires stronger medication that is different from what is prescribed for other types of intestinal worms.

Tapeworm can be safely eradicated from your dog's intestine and feces through proper treatment that includes a trip to the veterinarian.
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What you are describing sounds like tapeworms.  They look like grains of rice that are found crawling around the anus or in the feces.  Usually they are not dead when they are shed and move around a lot. Cats get tapeworms from eating infected fleas off themselves or other animals.  Tapeworm treatment includes flea preventative and medication for the worms themselves.
Bring a fecal sample with these worms present to your veterinarian.  They will run identify the worms and run a fecal sample to confirm and make sure there are no other intestinal parasites present. 
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These are neither hookworms nor not pinworms. But it is suffering from tapeworm, which is white in color and segmented. Its broken pieces come out of body so you can see them. Hookworms cannot be seen by naked eye so it's hard to say your dog is having hookworms. Roundworms look like cooked spaghetti and live in dog's intestine and you can not see them too. Pinworms and tapeworms look similar but pinworms do not normally attack dogs and cats.
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Please help! My German Shepard dog has the following : She is 9 months old.
Looks like rice in her bowel movement and very fine like hair of string. She really at times does not eat her
food, loose bowel movements. I have taken her to the Vet and at first the Vet thought she had some type
of a stomach issue and gave me pills to give her. I have her on a dog food named California Natural
I just again took her bowel movement to the Vet last night so it can be tested,the vet gave me a pill to give her
which I did give her.Please help first all I don"t know what this is and how I can help her.
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Try giving the beast some goat cheese, here in Australia that is generally our first line of defense against parasites such as those. If that doesnt work try giving him about a 1/2 ounce of strong tobbacco and I bet those worms come running out.
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It's flat worms and no, it's treatable.  Just get your dog dewormed and it will be fine.  Do you have a cat?  If you dog is around cat poo, it's more likely to get worms.  You can get some crushed shell mixture at the health food store to mix in your dog's food and it will keep them away.  Can't remember the name of it, but I buy it and it works.  They'll know.  It's the consistency of flour and it must taste good!!
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All dogs need to be dewormed on a routine basis a few times per year.  Go to your local vet and pick up some medicine.  It cost around $5.00 or so, it comes in a syringe, it is usually flavored.  You just squirt it in the dogs mouth and the dog usually likes the taste.  That should work, and the vet can tell you when you need to re de-worm him next.  You don't need to make an appt.  just go and pick up the medicine.  Its easy and cheap.  Good luck.
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I would like more info on whee to get pet med faster than going to a pet shop or vet like getting emergency iv when neededd and able to administer on our pets.i think that wouldhelp alot specially right now that my dog is sick and dehydrating and the vet bill will be running for more than 6,800 for 3 to 5 days
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Sounds like your dogs has cestoda, or advanced stage tapeworms. Please know that besides being gross, they are also VERY uncomfortable for the dog.  Because your dog is so old (he's considered elderly) you need to go to a vet to get supervised care. They will probably give you something called Droncit to get rid of the worms, but may do more since they are pretty advanced. Good news is with a little care, he should make it! There's more about this at http://www.runningthepack.com/blog
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Definitely tapeworms, seek treatment immediately with your local vet.  My pug puppy has them too, and the treatment charge is only $18.
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IFA... Intermountain Farmers has good stuff for that.  Please don't put off doing it, worms can cause more troubles if left unchecked.  Good Luck!
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You really need to take your dog, and a stool sample, to a vet. Get them in there! Worms can be treated, and a vet knows exactly how. A vet is the only place to get meds for worms. Whatever kind it is - just get your baby to a vet, and get treatment. It should be inexpensive. Had your pup had proper vaccinations, this could have been avoided. Some types of worms can kill a dog.
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Worms/parasites. They can pick them up from just about anywhere and are very common in young pups and dogs who go places like dog parks and other places where dogs may congregate often.
You make an appointment with your veterinarian and try to take fresh clean stool sample with you. They will diagnose which type of parasite your pet has and give the correct treatment since different parasites have different treatments and there isn't any one that takes care of them all, and most over the counter ones kill a very select few (AND your pet most of the time).. Then, once your pet is cleared and you ever see the exact same thing again you can just call and pick up the meds most of the time (make sure it's the right one). They do have to be treated because otherwise they just multiply and cause the death of your pet so the sooner the better. The over the counter de-wormers (and flea meds) like the ones in grocery stores and pet stores are not recommended because they kill very few parasites and have an alarming tendency to kill the animal EVEN when the directions are followed exactly.
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It is probably a parasite known as the peruvian demon or (Brachius lavium), the animal is usually infected by eating grass or rolling around in dirt/feces. Use caution because this parasite is highly contagious even to humans. You should check your own stool and the stool of any children in the home, this pest can survive outside of its host for up to 8 hours. This being said you should disinfect your home and take your animal to the vet and tell him you suspect the peruvian demon is present. Licensed practitioner and DDA, Conley Lundgren
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It's like our case as we have worms in stomach so as the animals in a bit different way. You should consult a doctor so that this issue can be resolved .Medication can take of the problem well. So do not delay in other things.
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What is the name of the little white   things in my trixie's poo call? What is the cause of it?
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Yes it can be tapeworm but tapeworm are usually longer tha what you say they are so they can be that or maybe just dead heartworms I was once a veterinarian so it can be many things like
the p demon.
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Found 2 one inch long, flat, white worms on my puppys behind. Now what kind are those? Tape worms I'm guessing but need to be sure so I know how to treat.
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They are called maggots! (yuk)
Maggots are baby flys.
Which means that your dog has done it's buissnes and a fly has come and layed it's eggs in your dog's ...
I suggest that you get rid of the dogs (stuf) before the worms hatch.!
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My dog had the same thing I went to a pet store and they gave me some stuff and the worms stopped all of the sudden

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