It Looks Like Noodles In My Dog's Stool, What Kind Of Worms Is That?


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To conclusively determine which kind of worm is present, a veterinarian can do a simple faecal test.  Take along a sample of the animal’s faeces and a whole worm if possible.  You should definitely take your dog to the vet if it is showing any signs of illness.
There are 4 main types of worms that affect dogs; Hookworms, Roundworms, Tapeworms, and Whipworms.  Hookworms are quite small, usually about 2cm.  Whipworms are narrow and can measure up to 7cm.  Adult Tapeworms are usually measure about 15cm however only single segments are usually passed in the faeces.  They look like small wriggling grains of rice. 
From your description of the gross appearance of the worms in you dog’s faeces, what you are most likely seeing is Roundworms.  Roundworms are cylindrical and can measure 17cm in length.  Roundworm infection is most threatening to puppies.  It can cause stunted growth, a potbelly appearance, and heavy infections can cause blockages.  Roundworms and Tapeworms are of concern particular concern to you and your family because they are transmissible to people.  You need to treat all of your dogs and ensure you practice good hygiene and treat all of your animals on a regular basis.  Because the infection is passed via eggs in the faeces, you should collect their faeces every day and put them in the garbage to prevent transmission to humans and other dogs.  Wash your hands after touching the dog and practice strict hygiene particularly with children. Do not allow them to play in potentially contaminated environments.
Your veterinarian can provide you with some over the counter medication and advice on regular dosing to prevent further problems.

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