My Dog Just Recently Started Vomiting A Yellow Liquid Substance & Sleeps Alot, Can You Help Me?


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You need to bring her to the vet. I had a dog do that and when I brought it to the vet, it was diagnosed with parvo. Even though that she is current with her vaccinations she can still get the dieases. Just like in humans, vaccinations repel a lot of diseases, but when one of those diseases are gotten by a human it is a lot easier for the body to fight it off. The same goes for dogs. If your dog has parvo then do not put her down unless it is just too weak to live. The dog I had was current on all vaccinations and when he was diagnossed with parvo I asked how is that.
The vet told me about the chances that a dog get parvo after vaccinations is not too common but it is easier for them to get over it. All they had to do was give my dog some antibiotics and a shot to settle his stomach so that he can eatand drink by himself.
If you can not afford a vet then try to constantly push gatorade down her cause the main reason for dogs to die from parvo is the dehydration. Her body will fight off the infection and get better as long as you keep her hydrated. If she doesn't eat then at least make her drink even if you have to force it in her by a syringe.
I hope that she gets better like mine did and I wish you the best of luck. Leave a comment if you have any questions.
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thank you for answering my ?she only vommitted 1x ,she eat&drink ok but i noticed she would shake her head as if her ear was bothering her.i looked ,useing q-tips i cleraned as fardown as i can see & found it to be dirty and it expensive to treat if she has ear mites?
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It is common problem with dogs. It occurs when dog eats something wrong. Another main cause is over eating. This over eating results in impartial digestion of food. Thus particles of undigested food along with bile come out in the form of yellow vomit. Take it to vet soon so that it can suggest you some good brand of pet food to feed it for few days. Try to feed it thrice a day but do not let it eat rich diet.
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My dog started to vomit and her vomit had worms, now she keeps vomiting but no worms just a red liquid

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