My Dog Has A Cloudy Eye And Greenish Yellow Eye Boogers, Can You Help?


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Hi, try wiping with a soft cloth and lukewarm water - if it continues to be a problem, it's probably a minor eye infection. Quick trip to the vet should sort it, but don't leave it too long as several infections are quick and easy to deal with initially but are much harder to treat if left for too long.
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The dog has an infection
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Well my friend told me that when that happens it's just the Organ called Plica Semilunaris in your eye, it gathers the dust and dirt, and pushes it out, turning it into Eye Boogers....
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Sounds like your dog has eye infection you may need to take him/her to a vet or call them and ask them what is it that you need to do.make sure you keep your hands wash and your children hands.japeace 
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My cane corso has eye boogers all the time, what is the cause of this and how will I be able to help her?

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