What Is The Most Intelligent Breed Of Cats?


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I think it has a lot to do with the time and attention you spend on a cat.  I had an orange tabby from a litter that was found in our woods that was the most intelligent cat I ever had, and I've had and still have a lot of cats. He would "talk " to me when he wanted something, often taking me to what he wanted. For example he knew the cupboard the cat nip was kept in and when he wanted some he would come to me, meow and have me follow him to that place where he would sit until I got the catnip down.  He also could say "no" and "mama".  And he was very loyal, wait at the door for me when he heard my car pull in the garage, curl next to me when we watched T.V., etc.
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Siamese cats are known to be the most intelligent breed of cats. These cats understand emotions and feelings. They are highly communicative, alert and clever.
Yip , I agree I got a Siamese about 6 months ago and she is the most intelligent cat I ever had and I had a few in my life . She;s already communicating - talking when she needs attention , to go outside or snack time . My brother died over Xmas and she kept me company the moment I'm sad or alone . Siamese definitely .
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Oriental Shorthair, Siamese, Balinese, or Colorpoint Shorthair  ...(which are basically all cats with strong Siamese bloodlines) have to be the most intelligent cats I've ever seen. They'll open doors, talk to you, know when you're sick, know who is friend and who is foe, and will never leave your side.  They also play fetch.
Many people say the Sphynx are the most intelligent cats.. Sphynx also have Siamese bloodlines.. But I have to be honest with you, my Sphynx is one of the dumbest animals I've ever owned, especially compared to my Oriental Shorthair.... As I'm typing my Sphynx just fell off the bed... He's so dumb, clumsey, and helpless you just can't help to feel bad for him.... Totally loveable.. .just dumb.
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Turkish van, they understand words and emotions, can play fetch game, brings items (ball, etc) you ask her to bring. Very unusual, highly intelligent, very affectionate

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