What Breed Of Cat Is The Most Expensive In The World?


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The 'Ashera' is the world's most expensive breed of cat. One of these kitties will set you back $16,750 (plus shipping costs)! 
The world's most expensive cat 
You may be wondering, "What makes the Ashera so special?" Well, one thing that makes them rare and exotic is the fact that they were bred from two wild cats: The Serval and Asian leopard cat.

Asheras apparently have a very calm nature, and make great pets. In fact, the bespoke feline was specifically engineered by Lifestyle Pets in San Diego, with the specific aim of creating a friendly and low-maintenance pet. 
 Their markings are certainly unique, but I don't know if I could justify parting with nearly $17,000 when I have two regular barn-cats that I wouldn't trade in for a million bucks!

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