What Breeds Of Cats Like Water?


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What breeds of cats like water?

The vast majority of cats do not like swimming in water, or even touching it! However, there are always some exceptions.

Cats are usually intrigued by water and this sometimes causes them to dip the odd paw in a bath or pond, but it is very rare to see a domestic cat go for a dip - at least, not intentionally!

Despite this, cats are actually very good swimmers, which is a defence mechanism they inherited from their ancestors, which enables them to get out of trouble if do find themselves in a body of water.

  • Cats are the most common household pet in the world, followed closely by dogs.
  • It has been predicted that almost all the domestic cats in the world are descendants of just five African wildcats.
  • Wildcats were first domesticated in order to provide an owner with companionship, and they are very handy for ridding crops of grain-eating pests such as mice or rats.

Here are some exceptions to the rule...

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