Why Zoos Are Necessary?


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Many years ago,Zoos really weren't necessary at all. The purpose of a zoo was for human entertainment and education on animals that most people would never see in their lives if they had not seen them in a zoo. Many zoos today have animals that are near extinction and are there to try to breed them and repopulate their species. THIS is the necessary part. Without these breeding programs we would lose many wonderful animals...forever.
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It isn't fair for animals to be taken away from their natural habitates, but there has to be zoos because endangered animals need to be taken care of so their number will grow, and so the females will reproduce. The great panda is loseing its number rapidly because it is losing its habitate and its having trouble reproducing.So there should not be zoos but their has to be.
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YES!!!! Ok some people think that zoos just lock away animals just so we can see them... But have you noticed that zoos have ENDANGERED ANIMALS!!! Most(if not ALL) zoos care for and reproduce endangered animals!! This helps our economy, I mean you are not going to find an everyday rabbit in the zoo NO! You will find things that might not always be around, giving you the chance to see them and giving us the chance to SAVE THEM. If we got rid of zoos ..... Some animals might die.... :D
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Zoos double up as tourist attraction as well as animal care facility - mostly a tourist attraction. They're good to have in the city. Children can get to see what they read only in books now face to face! That's an out of the world experience.

Zoos should be there.
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According to me zoos are very imporatnt to keep animals so that people can enjoy seeing variety if animals in the world and the scientists can study about the animals and do their research.

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We should keep zoos because they are very interesting and help scientists study more about animals xxxxx

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