Why Are Stingrays Endangered?


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Most species of stingray aren’t endangered at all. In fact, they’re actually considered to be a pest in some places!

What Species of Stingray Are Endangered?
Well, none officially have a conservation status of “endangered”, but there are four species that are currently listed as “vulnerable”:

  • Taeniura meyeni
  • D. Colarensis
  • garouaensis
  • D. Laosensis
Threats To Stingrays
  • Humans - although they’re not hugely popular as food, stingrays are often killed because they cause damage to shell-fishing grounds. In Japan, they’re farmed for their skin, which is used to make wallets, sword handles, shoes and jackets.
  • Pollution - oil spills are just one example of how pollution can cause harm to marine life.
  • Hammerhead sharks - these are the most common threat to stingrays.
  • Lemon sharks - another big danger!
  • Carnivorous fish - most fish wouldn't be able to fit a stingray in their mouth, so these ones must be quite big.
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Stingrays are endangered because of the oil spill and predators like the hammerhead shark.

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